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MOH cover

Medal of Honor Series Box Set by KC Lynn

I was so excited for all of KC Lynn’s Men of Honor books to be put into one boxed set. I found KC’s books last year when I came across Fighting Temptation. I laid awake all night reading it and was in love with her writing about 10% into the book. I loved reading Jaxson and Julia’s story. There was so much love between the two of them and all I could hope for was that they would get their HEA. They went through a lot to get it and at some points, I thought, its not going to happen. Jaxson tried to be so noble in reference to Julia and all she wanted was for him to love her. And he did, it was so evident. Look for the lighthouse scene…yep, he’s definitely in love. I will say in one instance, I wanted to reach through the book and shake the man! πŸ™‚ But, in the end, their story turned out beautifully and I was officially hooked on KC’s stories. Oh, I forgot to say that Jaxson is an ex-Navy SEAL and freaking sexy! And he has super sexy SEAL friends and their stories are the next two in the series.

As soon as I was done with Fighting Temptation, I immediately one-clicked Sweet Temptation and fell in love at about page 2 πŸ™‚ Sweet Temptation is the story of Sawyer and Grace. I laughed through most of their story. And Sawyer immediately became my new BBF. He had such a huge heart, a dirty mouth, and a love for Grace that rivaled the size of the Grand Canyon. All I could think of is what a lucky woman! I know its not real, but if he was, he would seriously be my all-time crush. Not to mention that Grace had him handled like you wouldn’t believe. He might have seemed like the dominant figure in the relationship, but as my mom says, “you have to watch out for the quiet ones.” Grace definitely had Sawyer wrapped around her little finger! There were a few scenes in their story when I actually cried because it was so beautiful. Look for Grace’s first snow and her skating lesson. Sweet Temptation has become a reread anytime I’m feeling down. It’s funny, loving, and you need a fan just to keep cool from Sawyer’s dirty talk lol. I guess you can tell I like this book, right?

The third book in the series, Resisting Temptation, was one I waited upon impatiently. All throughout the series, we knew of Cade and there was something about him that just made you want to hug him. He had obviously been through a traumatic situation, but you didn’t know exactly what it was. When Resisting Temptation was released, I did another all night read. I never dreamed in a million years of what Cade had endured in his life. I think I cried through 90% of his story. Because not only did he endure a tragedy early on in his life, but he met his soulmate, Faith, and what happened to her was enough to kill a man inside. I honestly didn’t think they would be together. I know that sounds strange when you are expecting an HEA, but so much had happened and Cade wouldn’t deal with it head on. He was similar to Jaxson…not thinking he was good enough for Faith…and it killed me to see how it affected not only him, but her. There are a lot of twists and turns in Resisting Temptation and KC Lynn does a fabulous job engaging you in their story. I was so pleased at the end, I cried all over again. Ok, yes, obviously I’m a crier, but this book will get anyone going.

Finally, the last book in the series, The Final Temptation, is about Cooper, Jaxson’s best friend and sheriff of their town, and Kayla, Julia’s best friend. They are in every book and make up the backbone of each story. I love Kayla…she is a firecracker…and she makes me laugh so much the way she teases Cooper. They are another couple that are completely in love. You can catch glimpses of it in the other stories, but here in The Final Temptation, you get to read how they found each other and what they went through to be together. BTW, Cooper totally surprised me. For some reason, I had the idea that he was an all around good guy, but lord, does the man have a dirty mouth. I think he and Sawyer could enter the dirty mouth olympics and either tie for gold or go gold and silver. πŸ™‚ Cooper is more on the quiet side outwardly and he balances out Kayla’s exuberance. I love the two of them as a couple and I was so thrilled that KC Lynn went back and wrote their story.

I have only positive things to say about the Men of Honor series. The only thing I hate is that it ended. I can console myself because she has created a spinoff series, Acts of Honor. The first book, An Act of Redemption, is due out i believe in late summer of this year. An Act of Redemption is the story of Anna and Logan. I really want to tell you who Anna is, but if you haven’t read the Men of Honor series, then I’m going to be giving a lot away. Just be aware that she holds an important place in all three guys’ lives. Anna and Logan meet as teenagers and I can’t wait to read their story to see how their ending plays out.

I’ve already said it, but I will say it again. I love KC Lynn’s writing. She makes you care about her characters to the point you get mad, happy, sad, etc when they do. When I found out that Fighting Temptation was her debut novel, I was so freaking surprised. I kept thinking how in the world did a new author write like this?! She just gets better and better with each book, if that’s possible, and anything she comes out with, I one-click without reservation. BTW, don’t forget to catch her standalone novel, Beautifully Insightful…you won’t stop reading once you start. So, I give KC Lynn’s Men of Honor Series Box Set 5 stars. I would give it more if I could πŸ™‚ Oh and the price you are getting this box set at is amazing. If you haven’t read the series, buy it now, and get ready for a great read that will stick with you for a long time to come.


a secret

A Secret To Keep by Railyn Stone

A Secret To Keep by Railyn Stone is developed around a suspenseful story line in which one of the characters is obviously keeping a secret. When I first begin to read, I had no idea what that secret was going to be because I didn’t read the book synopsis…I didn’t want anything spoiling the basis for the whole story. The book centers around the two main characters, Gates and Sloan. They are in a relationship, but in my opinion, have some deep issues concerning communication. Gates is too tied up in his work and Sloan is very insecure…neither seems able to tell the other how they feel. In reference to Sloan’s feelings towards Gates, I can completely understand feeling 2nd place in a relationship with a workaholic. You either have to put up or shut up because typically people of that type don’t change…not that there is anything wrong with working. I also don’t think that Gates was uncaring of Sloan, he just didn’t show it like he should have. He also should have manned up and told his father to butt out of his relationship. So, Sloan decided she was done with him and I can’t say I wouldn’t have felt the same. Wow, if these two would have just communicated better, well, i guess there wouldn’t have been a book lol.

So, here is where I part ways with Sloane. In no circumstances, unless the guy is violent or a sexual predator, should a father be kept from his child…much less not told about him. I get that Sloan wanted to protect her baby, but Gates is a workaholic, not an abuser or anything that would have harmed his child. I couldn’t get behind her reasons to not tell him that he had a son. I will admit that she sort of tried to tell him early on in the pregnancy, but I don’t feel too much of an effort was made. In my opinion, the “protection” thing was not really the issue. I felt that she was hurt and didn’t feel that he deserved to know his son, maybe as a way to get back at him. That is just my opinion, but i believe a valid one. I just couldn’t get on board with her decision. And then when she realized that she had no choice because they were thrown back together, she drove me a little insane with going back and forth on telling him. I don’t get why she ever thought she could actually be successful in keeping the secret. I just felt like Brayden was forgotten about when he should have been the absolute focus of them both. I really don’t think she was looking into the future at all…for the day Brayden would start to notice he didn’t have a father like some of the other children. And for no reason at all except his mother’s hurt feelings.

I do think it is very apparent that both Gates and Sloane care a lot and are in love. But, they drove me crazy with the way they treated each other. Sloan was untruthful with all the stories she made up, but to be fair, Gates wasn’t exactly welcoming to her. So, with all of her insecurities and hurt feelings, I can see how she would have arrived at her decision, but I can’t support it. When all the crap finally comes out, then they both feel guilty for the time that has been lost as well as the way both treated each other. I’m glad for Brayden’s sake that they both had their come-to-Jesus moment and got back together. In their case, love was not all hearts and flowers, but often it never is. There is no perfect relationship because there are no perfect people. But, you both have to be invested enough to work at it…ok, enough of me being Oprah/Dr. Phil πŸ™‚

I have to say that although I didn’t care for some of the characters’ behavior, i think Railyn Stone was very successful in keeping you involved in the story. I felt a wide range of emotions while reading, but isn’t that what the author is supposed to do? It’s her job to draw out emotion from the reader and she is definitely successful…it may not have been positive emotion the whole time, but it still made you keep reading. Looking back on the story, I feel sorry for both Gates and Sloane because their one true enemy was lack of communication. If they had just recognized there was a problem in that area and worked on it, then all of this could have been avoided. I thought Ms. Stone did a good job in writing A Secret To Keep and I give her 4 stars for it


wished for you

Wished For You by KD Robicheaux

Wished For You by KD Robicheaux is one of those books that you read and it hooks you immediately! At the time I found out about the book, I knew of Kayla Robicheaux as an editor…i had no idea she had written a book. When I saw it posted on Facebook, I went to Amazon and found it right away. I downloaded the sample and when I read the prologue…i immediately went right back and one-clicked. The prologue of this book just annihilated me! In all the years, I’ve been reading, I can’t say I ever read just the prologue and felt the emotion and pain of the writer like I did in this story. I didn’t know what I was in for…all I knew was I had to read the book!

And I am so glad I did. Wished For You was everything I wanted in a book. There was laughter, tears, scenes you shake your head at because you’re thinking OMG, did that just happen? You’ll understand when you read lol. I inhaled this book in a matter of hours. I forgot my housework, cooking dinner, etc…my husband came home and I don’t know if i even said hello. You might think I am being dramatic, but I assure you, I’m not. I was that involved in the story.

In Wished For You, you meet Kayla who is moving from North Carolina to Texas to attend college. She doesn’t know anyone besides her family so she goes on a website to meet people in her area. LOL, does she meet someone…and he was ok…until she met his friend. That would be Jason…and Kayla is instantly enthralled. Jason tries to act like he is not affected, but I knew his game…he was! So, some things happen and they become friends, and some more things happen, and now it’s something more. And now, I’m stopping because I don’t do spoilers and you need to buy this book. All I will say is be prepared to laugh and do some ugly crying…i mean, have the tissues next to you because you are going to need them. One thing, KD Robicheaux is good at is she knows how to do emotion. I love her style of writing…it’s comfortable yet keeps you on the edge of your seat.

I guess you can tell I love the book, right? I don’t have anything negative to say about the book except it ended…and I need the next book now πŸ™‚ I give Wished For You 5 stars with no reservations. In fact, I highly recommend it. Buy it and enjoy, you’ll thank me later πŸ™‚


hold me

Β Hold Me (Twist Me series, Book 3) by Anna Zaires

The first Anna Zaires book that I stumbled upon was Close Liaisons, which is part of the Krinar Chronicles. I have never been a fan of Science Fiction romances, but this one just hooked me. Before I knew it, I sailed through book 2 & 3, Close Obsession and Close Remembrance. When I was done, that begin my search for more of Anna Zaires. And of course, I found Twist Me…this was right after it had been released. I immediately one-clicked it and OMG, what a surprise I found! LOL, when i look back, it makes me laugh, because I was so appalled by Julian’s behavior, the sexy/very scary hero. Suffice it to say, it was my first “dark romance” and I kept thinking, “how can i be reading this?” Of course, I kept it up…i secretly liked it a lot and I definitely was reading it to the end. So that was my intro to Julian and Nora. I know this is a review of Hold Me, but I had to get that down because I remember private messaging Anna Zaires and saying I couldn’t believe how drawn I was to Julian. Wow, I bet she laughed…and now I’m bugging her for more books of him or I was befoe this one was released. Ok, enough about the other books in the series.

I didn’t think Hold Me was ever going to get here. I’m a bit impatient when it comes to my books and secretly I kept hoping there was going to be some type of change in Julian’s perception of things. Of course, not too much, or he wouldn’t be the Julian we love πŸ˜‰ If you have read Twist Me and Keep Me, then you know that Julian and Nora are together. And they have been through hell. I don’t know how they survived their relationship with bad guys chasing them, disapproving in-laws and friends, and then of course, there are some events that just made me suck in a breath and think, wow, I’m glad i’m not them. One of the events really hit close to home for me and I had a hard time reading it, but there was no way i was going to not finish the book. In true Anna Zaires form, she addressed it graciously and I admire her for that.

I definitely got my wish. There are some huge changes to Julian and Nora’s relationship…some I didn’t think he was capable of doing or feeling. At some points in the book, I could feel his fight within himself because he was conditioned to think a certain way, yet there was a desire to change, even if he didn’t fully understand it.Wow! It’s amazing how parents, bad events, etc can really screw up a person’s mind. I was so thrilled to see the evolution of Julian…lol, that’s what I call it anyway. Now, don’t think he turned into this lovable teddy bear…he is still Julian, never mind, you will understand when you read the book! In addition, we see Nora really come into her own. She is no longer the scared little girl from the beginning of the series. I have to say that I admire her strength and how she stayed true to the love she felt for Julian, no matter how anyone felt. Of course, she had questions, but who doesn’t question their relationship at various points throughout.

Hold Me is the ultimate end to a fabulous series. From the first book, Twist Me, all the way through book #2, Keep Me and finally with Hold Me, I got exactly what I wanted. All of these books are definite rereads for me, but I have a special place reserved for Hold Me. It takes society’s perceptions as well as personal identities and makes mush out of them. You think a character is one way, in a mold, and bam…Anna Zaires turns your thoughts upside down and the opposite happens. So, I love the book, hate that the series is ending…hint hint, Anna :), and I hope my review will convince you that if you haven’t read Hold Me or the other books in the series, you will do so.

I love the way Anna Zaires and her husband, Dima Zales, write. Their books are hot, suspenseful, romantic, and did i say hot? Yep, be prepared for some major steam with Julian and Nora. Get yourself a fan because you will definitely need it πŸ˜‰ I am looking forward to future books from these two. More hints, Anna…Krinar Chronicles, Koram & Mia…a baby?? Ok, i will stop now. Seriously, I can’t get enough of her work. And just saying, you won’t meet a nicer person.



Footprints In the Sand by Michelle Horst

When I begin reading Footprints In the Sand, I thought what a sweet novel. It starts out with two teens who have noticed each other, well that’s probably an understatement…they really like each other, but nothing has evolved past secret looks and a few conversations. It looks as if something is getting ready to happen that will lead them into a relationship when a terrible tragedy engulfs both of them. I have to say I never expected what was coming. This event not only changed the path of both of their lives, but it stole pieces away of which I was afraid they would never get back. My heart literally hurt while I was reading this book. This might sound a bit dramatic, but I even set my Kindle away for a few moments because I was so in to their story…i might get a little overly involved with book characters πŸ˜‰ Of course, that didn’t last long…I had to know what was going to happen in the rest of the story. I really don’t like to describe a lot of a story in my reviews because then what is the point of reading the book…other readers can come and read the reviews and know what happens…and that is definitely not fair to the author. So, all I am going to say is that though this event really impacted Lacey and Seth, the H/h, they…uh, no i’m not telling you anything else lol. I know that was evil right? πŸ™‚ Trust me, you need to buy this book and read the rest of the story.

Footprints In the Sand is very well-written with complex characters and suspense filled moments. In addition, it also has the love that all romance readers are searching for when looking for their next book fix. I have to say that I love how this book ends. It fits the two characters perfectly and you will know what I mean by the end of the book. I’m glad Michelle Horst wrote it just as she did. I absolutely have no complaints when it comes to this story. From the gorgeous cover to the beautiful ending, without a doubt it deserves 5 stars! I am looking forward to the next book by Michelle Horst…if you haven’t read her books, look her up, she has some great ones. Insensate and Dark Boundaries are among my favorites.


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