Exercise In Love by J Thompson



Release Day Blitz

Exercise in Love By J Thompson

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Editor-Stephanie Farrant

Cover Design: Elisia Goodman

Release Date 2nd December 2016



**Previously part of the “From the Heart” Valentines Anthology- Exercise in Love has been extended and revamped for Solo release***

Carly was fed up with life, it had been 5 years since she lost her family and she had dealt with it in the only way she knew how-food. Overweight, single and with a dead end job she hated, her only light in the darkness was her best friend Robyn. A forced night out for her birthday makes Carly see the world she’s been missing but also brings with it a realization that she can’t continue on the same path. Finding the strength inside she takes that first step to change.

Andy had been plodding along burying himself in his work, until Carly erupts into his life bringing back his love for his job and making him see what has been missing from his own life. Charmed instantly by her determined attitude, innocent spirit and hypnotised by her stunning green eyes he agrees to take her on and help her on her journey not realising she’s helping him on his own at the same time.

Can Carly get over her own insecurities and accept love or will her old demons win.

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Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N54SFMP

Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Exercise-Love-J-Thompson-ebook/dp/B01N54SFMP/


Fed up was a complete understatement, Carly walked the short distance to the office of the taxi company the events going round and round her head until the upset and pain were washed away by her tears only to be replaced by intense anger “How fucking dare they” she clenched and unclenched her fists continuously, the small attendant behind the counter seemed alarms at her appearance and anger, but Carly didn’t care she had had enough. How dare they treat her like that, yes she wasn’t perfect but nobody was. She knew her faults better than anyone but she didn’t appreciate being judge by people that didn’t know her, didn’t know why she had let food dictate her life for the past 5 years. They didn’t know why she struggled on a daily basis.

Carly turned to look out of the window, the lights of other clubs illuminated the streets as well as the headlights of cars passing on the road. But one light stood out, bright and clear. Carly wiped the tears from her face and lifted her chin, she felt something snap inside, almost like a lightbulb moment and she embraced it. She cancelled the taxi and headed back outside and towards the beckoning lights.

Change was happening and it was starting right now!

Just watch this fucking space…..


By Melody’s Love 4 Books

Rating: 5 stars

Having read Exercise In Love in the Valentine’s Day anthology and loved it, I was thrilled to learn that J Thompson was expanding it. It’s a story that can speak to any reader, especially women, as most of us have all had some type of body image issues. I don’t want to give any spoilers so I won’t go into it any more than that. All I can say is that the female main character, Carly, is so real and you can identify with her. The way J Thompson wrote her back story is a work of art. My heart ached for her so badly.

When she met the main male character, Andy, I was cheering. OMG, he is the quintessential book boyfriend. How I wish that every guy could read this book and use him as a guide for how to treat their ladies. Or maybe we could just invent a machine that brings him to life lol. I don’t know…there would be some major fighting over him 🙂

Ok, back to being serious about the book. I give Exercise In Love 5 stars for the writing, story line, character development…it has it all. You will finish this story with a smile on your face as well as looking for more J Thompson books. This author has some awesome books in her back list and the ones coming up…wow, look out, she is going to blow you away!

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