Surviving For Us by Lauren Nicole-Release Blitz

Surviving For Us by Lauren Nicole

surviving for us

Release Date: October 22nd, 2015

Genre: Military, New Adult


Excerpt 1

I can feel his eyes on me as I make my way around the table.

Deciding to mess around with him, I wiggle my ass as I bend over to take my shot. I hear him suck in a sharp breath. I laugh at myself for thinking I have the upper hand here. I feel him come up behind me. He presses his hard length into me.

“Keep shaking that ass, gorgeous, and we will take this party to the bedroom so you can do that with no clothes on.”

surviving teaser 4

surviving teaser 1

Excerpt 2

“Look at me, baby.” I wait until her eyes find mine. “Remember this feeling right here. Don’t forget what it feels like to be full of me. I want you to feel it all so when I’m gone you will remember this. How perfectly we fit together, and how we can’t tell where you begin and I end. I love you, baby.”

surviving teaser 2

surviving teaser 3

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