Author Spotlight
Featured Author: Melody Dawn
August 25th 2015 

Author Bio

Melody Dawn is a contemporary romance author residing in
Texas. She started reading romance novels when she was a teenager and became
addicted to Happily Ever After’s. She got her own HEA when she met her soulmate
20 years ago and they have been together ever since.  They have two furbabies who think they are
Kings of the Castle and require a ton of attention. When she is not reading or
writing, she loves to refurbish old furniture into new pieces, scrapbook, and
most of all spend time with her main guy. 

Bonus Scene 

To Live Again by Melody Dawn
Bonus Scene
            Getting back from Chipotle’s with
Jayson, I go into my room and lie down on the bed. I’m not sure what to think
of him. Of course, he’s gorgeous and seems interested in me, but for how long
and why? I think it’s probably best that we just stay study partners. This way
when his attention moves elsewhere, I’m not the even more broken girl in the
corner. With my mind made up, I drift off to sleep.
            I’m dreaming a really awesome dream
about Jayson without a shirt until I’m rudely awakened by my dear best friend
jumping on my bed. “Hey chick, wake up! So, what happened with you and that
beautiful hunk of man after you left?” I roll my eyes and say, “Uh, nothing! He
took me back to campus; we both had more classes. Why? Where did you go with
his twin?”
            She blushes and I lean towards her.
“Why do you smell like him?” She has this look in her eye and I have a feeling
I know what happened. But, all she says is he gave her a hug. Yeah, I bet he
did…like an after sex hug that says “Let’s do this again.” I saw the two of
them eye-fucking each other while we were all having lunch. I almost say
something about him being a player, but I just keep my mouth shut. Madison and
I do not have the same ideas towards casual sex so it wouldn’t do me any good
to say anything. If that is what she wants with Connor Reece, then who am I to
say anything; I just hope he doesn’t hurt her. Wow, first Jayson and now
Connor; I evidently do not have a huge respect for the male gender.
            Lying down next to me, she insists I
tell her everything about how Jayson and I met. When I get to the part about
him being in my desk, she starts laughing like a crazy person. “Oh my god, did
you really go up and tell him to move,” she gasps out. I give her a punch in
the shoulder and say, “Yes! You know how I like to sit in the same seat in
every class.” Laughing even harder, she says, “If he still wanted to take you
to lunch after learning about your insane tendencies, you need to grab him and
hold on!”
            “Oh what the hell ever,” I say
heatedly! But, not really meaning it. We love to tease each other and she
thinks my somewhat OCD brain is hilarious. I tell her that I think he is
interested, but I’m not going to let it go anywhere. Her mouth drops open and
with big eyes, she says, “Why? That guy is really into you. Even Connor says
so.” I feel a little glimmer of hope in my stomach, but I bury it and say,
“Because I just know how it will be and I don’t need to be heartbroken on top
of everything else.”
            Madison is quiet for a few moments
and she finally says, “You are going to wish that you didn’t let this
opportunity pass you by. You don’t have to marry him, but what is wrong with
being with someone who obviously likes you for however long it lasts?” I can’t
explain it to her, I just know that he will break me. And I’m already broken
beyond repair. Besides, a guy like him, needs someone who is living and not
just existing.
            Seeing that she isn’t going to get
anything else out of me, Madison sits up and hugs me; then says she has to go
and study. I tease her and say she is going to be daydreaming about Connor
instead of studying, and she just blushes with no answer. As she walks out the
door without saying her usual sexual insinuations, I wonder if maybe she really
likes this guy. I lie there a little while longer thinking about Jayson. I may
not let things go anywhere with him, but here in my room, he is mine. I can
think about him and what we could have been. It might sound sad, but in my
mind, it gives me hope that maybe one day, I will have what I am imagining. Of
course, it won’t be with him, but maybe someone else who isn’t quite so
dangerous to my heart and soul. 

Play List 


Reece/Connor Reece-identical twins
Schaeffer-girlfriend to Jayson
McKinley –girlfriend to Connor
friends with benefits w/Jayson
Phillip Reece-Jayson & Connor’s dad
Ava Reece-Jayson
& Connor’s mom

Jayson Reece (Rich Manley)

Chloe Schaeffer (Lucy Hale)

Connor Reece (Rich Manley)                    Madison
McKinley (Julianne                                                                                                                    Hough)

Reece (Courtney 


                         Dr. Phillip Reece 
(Matthew McConaughey) 

Johnson (Ashley Tisdale)

Author Interview 

Melody Dawn 

 Can you tell us your latest
latest news is that this is going to turn into a series. I always only intended
to write one book, but Jayson, the H in my story, has a twin brother; and he is
getting his own book. His character developed in a much bigger way than I
When did you first consider
yourself a writer?
never intended to actually become a writer. I had a story in my head for
several years that I thought might make a good book, but I never really
believed it would happen. As far as considering myself a writer, I’m still not
sure that I do.
Now I love music just as much as
reading, I normally listen to music while I am reading. Do you think that you
characters have theme songs? What would they be?
For Chloe, the main female character, it would be Invincible by Kelly Clarkson,
Jayson, the main male character, it would be All of Me by John Legend, Connor
(Jayson’s twin)-Forever Night Stand by Rayen Belchere, and Madison (Chloe’s
best friend) would be Heartbeat Song by Kelly Clarkson
“Are the experiences fact based
or from your imagination?”
some things in the story may be true…obviously, Chloe’s tragedy isn’t real, but
some other things yes, just not saying which
Which comes first? The
character’s story, or, the idea for the novel?
think each writing project varies. For To Live Again, it was the story that
came first, but for the second book, it was definitely the character. There is
possibly a third book and the character and the story both kind of hit me at
the same time.

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