A-Jax by J.N. Sheats-Cover Reveal

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A-Jax by J. N. Sheats

Release Date: October 2015

Genre: Contemporary Romance

 Book Blurb:

 Bailey York is a woman that refuses to allow her disturbing past to define her as a victim, but she is very much controlled by that tragedy. Trapped in a world of lonely desperation she runs back to the man that violated every part of her. With the promise of a mended relationship and comfort from her lonely world, Bailey allows her old lover dangerously close once more.

 Spirited, strong willed, and rebellious. One look at Bailey and people often miss the suffering and wounds laying just under the surface. With her sanity on the edge Bailey is doing everything she can to keep herself from shattering.

 Ayden Parks is a guy down on his luck. The world has spun around more than once on him in the last year, but that won’t stop him. With a fresh break-up from his long time fiancée, Ayden is ready to pour all of himself into the success of his club, A-Jax. Until he crosses paths with Bailey.

 Intrigued by her fiery nature and contradicting personality Ayden can’t help but be draw in. She is the first women able to draw him away from work in years, and despite the nagging voice in the back of his head that warns of the darkness around her Ayden still gets involved. Putting himself firmly between Bailey and her violent ex, but her old lover won’t settle for anything less than Bailey.

 Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/26060798-a-jax

About the Author


A creative mind trapped in a world of reality Jackie Sheats expresses herself in anyway that she can. From illustrating and writing to dancing like a mental patient while preparing dinner. Living in Maryland with her logic driven husband, their six cats, the dog, and a tank full of fish, Jackie spends her free time doing the backlog of housework and studying for her Masters in Illustration. A movie junkie, video game addict, and secret ninja in training she lives life under the idea that “if you don’t know how to do something, go learn it!”

 Author Links:

Website ♦  Goodreads ♦  Facebook







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