My review for A Secret To Keep by Railyn Stone

a secret

A Secret To Keep by Railyn Stone

A Secret To Keep by Railyn Stone is developed around a suspenseful story line in which one of the characters is obviously keeping a secret. When I first begin to read, I had no idea what that secret was going to be because I didn’t read the book synopsis…I didn’t want anything spoiling the basis for the whole story. The book centers around the two main characters, Gates and Sloan. They are in a relationship, but in my opinion, have some deep issues concerning communication. Gates is too tied up in his work and Sloan is very insecure…neither seems able to tell the other how they feel. In reference to Sloan’s feelings towards Gates, I can completely understand feeling 2nd place in a relationship with a workaholic. You either have to put up or shut up because typically people of that type don’t change…not that there is anything wrong with working. I also don’t think that Gates was uncaring of Sloan, he just didn’t show it like he should have. He also should have manned up and told his father to butt out of his relationship. So, Sloan decided she was done with him and I can’t say I wouldn’t have felt the same. Wow, if these two would have just communicated better, well, i guess there wouldn’t have been a book lol.

So, here is where I part ways with Sloane. In no circumstances, unless the guy is violent or a sexual predator, should a father be kept from his child…much less not told about him. I get that Sloan wanted to protect her baby, but Gates is a workaholic, not an abuser or anything that would have harmed his child. I couldn’t get behind her reasons to not tell him that he had a son. I will admit that she sort of tried to tell him early on in the pregnancy, but I don’t feel too much of an effort was made. In my opinion, the “protection” thing was not really the issue. I felt that she was hurt and didn’t feel that he deserved to know his son, maybe as a way to get back at him. That is just my opinion, but i believe a valid one. I just couldn’t get on board with her decision. And then when she realized that she had no choice because they were thrown back together, she drove me a little insane with going back and forth on telling him. I don’t get why she ever thought she could actually be successful in keeping the secret. I just felt like Brayden was forgotten about when he should have been the absolute focus of them both. I really don’t think she was looking into the future at all…for the day Brayden would start to notice he didn’t have a father like some of the other children. And for no reason at all except his mother’s hurt feelings.

I do think it is very apparent that both Gates and Sloane care a lot and are in love. But, they drove me crazy with the way they treated each other. Sloan was untruthful with all the stories she made up, but to be fair, Gates wasn’t exactly welcoming to her. So, with all of her insecurities and hurt feelings, I can see how she would have arrived at her decision, but I can’t support it. When all the crap finally comes out, then they both feel guilty for the time that has been lost as well as the way both treated each other. I’m glad for Brayden’s sake that they both had their come-to-Jesus moment and got back together. In their case, love was not all hearts and flowers, but often it never is. There is no perfect relationship because there are no perfect people. But, you both have to be invested enough to work at it…ok, enough of me being Oprah/Dr. Phil 🙂

I have to say that although I didn’t care for some of the characters’ behavior, i think Railyn Stone was very successful in keeping you involved in the story. I felt a wide range of emotions while reading, but isn’t that what the author is supposed to do? It’s her job to draw out emotion from the reader and she is definitely successful…it may not have been positive emotion the whole time, but it still made you keep reading. Looking back on the story, I feel sorry for both Gates and Sloane because their one true enemy was lack of communication. If they had just recognized there was a problem in that area and worked on it, then all of this could have been avoided. I thought Ms. Stone did a good job in writing A Secret To Keep and I give her 4 stars for it


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